Social Work

At Harlem RBI, social work doesn't just happen in the counseling office. It happens on the ball field, in the classroom and at dinner. Social work services at Harlem RBI provide a battery of support for our youth, their families and the community. Youth participate in peer groups, health education and targeted workshops. Our social work team also provides counseling, crisis intervention and referrals for any additional services needed.



Harlem RBI provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to teen sexual health by weaving a "safety net" of learning opportunities around youth and families. Play It Safe is a creative and innovative educational program that surrounds youth with protective skill development and supports a reduction in behavior that puts youth health at risk.


The Play It Safe program aims to help youth:

  • Make safe decisions and avoid risk behavior
  • Maintain mental health and well-being
  • Maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults
  • Demonstrate a sense of personal responsibility


Play It Safe program components include:

Sexual Health Education Program

Youth receive comprehensive and age-appropriate sexual health and relationship education by using ¡Cuídate! and Making Proud Choices. These curricula are delivered in combination with youth development workshops that address adolescent development, healthy relationships, social media safety, safe spaces for LGBTQ youth and healthy life skills and decision making.


The BASE - A Youth Leadership and Peer Education Program

The BASE strives to educate and impact the community through peer empowerment and awareness. They promote principles and practices that actively contribute to the development of young people and the community.


The BASE upholds the values of Trust, Safety, Leadership, Empowerment and Communication.


Keeping true to its Harlem RBI roots, The BASE's name is aligned with Harlem RBI's baseball/softball theme. In the game of baseball, when a player makes it to a base, he or she is declared safe by an umpire. Similarly, The BASE program is a safe place where adolescents and young adults can gain knowledge and access to sexual health resources and information and talk with youth leaders confidentially.


Community Ambassadors - Parent Peer Education

By engaging parents as partners, Harlem RBI's Community Ambassadors work to reduce teenage pregnancy in East Harlem. Ambassadors educate adults in East Harlem through workshops and outreach campaigns. They work to help parents feel confident and capable of providing relevant information to their children while reinforcing the values that are important to them.



“Harlem RBI’s Teen Life Center helped me control my anger and helped me and my mom to communicate better.”

— Jeslyne Santos,

18 years old

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